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Liftgate Hinge Set Fixture with Articulating Arm
Elevated Over Under Conveyor
Four Door Build Fixture/Carrier
Liftgate Emblem Application Fixture with Articulating Arm
2nd Row Seat Built Pallet  
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Tool Craft Corporation founded in 1961 as a pattern shop has evolved into a leader in the Specialty Machine and Assembly Equipment Industry. Tool Craft's use of cutting edge technologies and years of engineering expertise allow us to work with our customers to provide solutions to their assembly and manufacturing needs.

Tool Craft strives to provide quality products that will endure year upon year in the demanding production floor environment. Tool Craft has made the commitment with our metal working equipment which allows us to produce quality products that can be made rapidly to meet our customers demanding production schedules.

At Tool Craft we understand a company is only as good as the last project they ship, so we strive to make every project a success for our customer and ourselves.