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  General Assembly Tooling

Liftgate Hinge Set Fixture with Articulating Arm Liftgate Emblem Application Fixture with Articulating Arm Four Door Build

Tonneau Cover Install Tool Door Carrier Fixture Tonneau Cover Install Tool
Bright Strip Install and Press Fixture Door Carrier Fixture Multi-Zone Rear Hatch Conveyor w/integrated Fixture
Rear Hatch Hinge Install Tool Satellite Radio Access Hole
Panel Press
Rear Hatch Hinge Install Tool
Liftgate Build Fixture With Load Bar Galvanized Car Body
Tonneau Hinge/Seat Belt Tower Install
Liftgate Chimsel
Sub-Assembly Station
Console Sub-Assembly Press Liftgate Locating Fixture
Console Sub-Assembly Fixture License Plate Bezel
Installation Tool
Console Sub-Assembly Fixture
Center Console Build Pallet Console Sub-Assembly Press CV Glass Spreader Tool
Conveyor Side Sub-Assembly
Stations With Torque Lockout
Side Impact Airbag Sub-Assembly Station With Torque Lockout Stainless Steel Top Workstations
With Adjustable Work Height